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Temporary down: ETA uptime 25th of october (~10 days)

Unfortunately due to my own shortcomings as the maintainer of this forum. The service-account as been suspended, and most likely the data too.

This is due to a card payment failure, my card had been suspended earlier. But I had been mistaken and thought the card had already been charged. Also forgetting to change the payment option for the hosting provider

Long story short, I fucked up. GreySec is down, backend is suspended. Most likely is the data too. My automated backups were on the same host (bad idea).

I have some offsite backups, but are about 3-4 months old. I will spin this up last case scenario, I have spare servers. But I will try to work this out with the hosting first. My new card comes at 25th of october.

My uttermost apologizes. I have failed myself, and I have failed my community. Will do my best to unfuck this mess - Insider