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Full Version: Recommendations on What/How to Study for CCNA?
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I recently obtained my CompTIA A+ certification back in the summertime, and would like to progress further by now learning solid fundamentals of networking and memorizing the necessary prerequisite knowledge to gain my CCNA certification.

Does anyone have some solid web tutorials they recommend studying to prepare for the exam? And/or books, tutorials, etc?

Check out my TCP/IP ebook thread: Now most of my DL links are down but I will upload these tonight. But you should definetly check out the web-guide:

If you want more applied network knowledge with programming, check our Beej's guide to network programming:

Murdercube has some interesting stuff as well:

Networking -

Some of it might be outdated but there's still some parts that are rellevant I suppose.
Cybrary has a nice course to help you get prepared for the certification. The material is free and i do believe they offer a study guide as well. Just sign up for an account to get the course material.

A friend of mine used Cybrary as well when he was getting ready for his CISSP certification, according to him it was very helpful.