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Full Version: Mr Jeff Bezos Steps Out
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This was actually an interesting article:

It's perplexing how a small company that once was Amazon has become to dominate the Internet/Tech space. I have some personal issues with this overly dominating service.

The first issue being that Amazon is literally putting small business out of sale because you just can't compete. Instead of going out and looking around at a small shop for your presents, it is much easier (and less expensive) to just order it online. And instinctively, our go-to is to check Amazon. With Prime and 2-day shipping, this is even more convenient.

The second issue is that this power isn't spread out. Sort of like Google, Amazon is diving into a lot of different tech-related areas. They have Alexa, just bought Ring for 1.3 Billion dollars, run Prime with Music/Video, and are getting more and more advanced in the AI department with each day. All of this is on top of the largest online shopping company (ever).
we need jonh connor soon amazon apple american robotics telsa spacex facebook and mother of all google welcome to matrix