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Full Version: [tutorial] I finally found a way to do it
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This only works if you have a jailbroken iPhone. This is to help anonymize your connection on enterprise WiFi if you are a student or if you work in an organization that employs userID/password combo to log into wifi.

Step 1: go into cydia and search for "WiFi Password" and download the app.

Step 2: find a random person at your organization and approach them

Step 3: say your account isn't working and it won't let you connect to wifi. Ask them if they could log into wifi on your phone (DON'T SHOW THEM THE APP!!! HAVE THEM LOG INTO WIFI THE NORMAL WAY). Make sure to have the login page in settings open.

Step 4: once they log into wifi in the general settings, you will be able to view their wifi info recorded in the background by the WiFi password app. Just go into the WiFi Passwords and their password should appear there.

This is a n00b hack but I thought I would share. This is useful if you are at a college, military base, or other organization that uses user IDs and passwords. This is because such organizations have a program called "Splunk" that tracks you based on user IDs. Once you have someone else's user ID, you will be able to log into WiFi as them, making you indistinguishable from them on WiFi other than you still should change your MAC address, use Tor, etc.

You should be good to be indistinguishable from the person who's user id you just stole.

Happy hacking!!!