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Full Version: Is there a workaround to bypass windows defender to sethc exploit a pc?
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Hi, I recently got myself into a predicament, i have an old laptop that i forgot the pass to. It runs win10 pro. I pulled all my files off, but it still works, and id rather not throw away a perfectly good laptop. Pnr Status I do have a flashdrive with sergei strelec running, which i tried to attempt the sethc exploit on. Sarkari Result It worked (sort of). I was able to change sethc( i also tried likewise for osk.exe and magnify.exe) to a renamed cmd, but, when i power to the pc's hard drive itself and try to use it. windows defender always blocks the attempt. Showbox It believes that sethc is a virus (and in all fairness, it is). So my question is, how do i bypass windows defender to get my pc back?
Screw Windows. Just install a linux distro lol. But seriously, you could probably boot into safe mode and kill it from there somehow.