Forum Rules

Section 1 - General Rules

  • 1.0 - Flaming:

    Conflicts and drama is bound to happen on a forum, to avoid that we will try to close these conflicts. We cannot force peace between two active participants in a flaming discussion, but we can ask you to take this somewhere else. Such as offsite or over private messaging. In case of flaming where at least two active participants are actively partaking in a thread, both will be asked to stop and to take it to another place. So to avoid the thread from going offtopic. If meassurements are ineffective, thread will be closed. Repeat offenders can get a moderator note or a warning. We do not dissallow profanity, but we ask you to keep your anger moderated and therefor keep the topic intact.

  • 1.1 - Harrasment:

    We're against all harrassment on our members, such actions is not tollerable here. This can be doxing of a certain member, leaking information about someone and that includes private messages. You may now show the content of a private message unless told so by staff. Racism, Nazism and repeated verbal abuse against a certain member can be counted as harrasment, thus not allowed.

  • 1.2 - Transactions:

    Greysec is not your platform for economical activity, marketplace threads, selling things, buying items, exchaning goods et cetera; none of it is allowed anywhere on greysec. Anything exchanged into something of a monetary value is counted as an economical market thread. However we also disallow exchanges too, even if the item exchanged is not exactly money itself. Advertising your product, mentioning your product, hinting to your product or anything like this is not allowed either. Greysec was made for sharing information, to learn and to teach, to discuss and debate; thus it's going to stay that way.

    • 1.2.2 - Regarding Free services and products:

      Hit and run posts are not allowed. Even if your service is free of charge or nonprofit. If you are here for the sole purpose of advertising your website or product of any kind. Such content is subject to removal. These free services are only to be mentioned in a appropriate context of discussion in which the service is revelant to the discussion and the thread.

      In short words: Shill your stuff elsewhere. Unless your stuff actually is relevant to the topic. And that does not warrant its own dedicated thread for it. You may post a thread about it once you've reached a certain point of activity, time online, contribution and other considerations. The exact specifics are not public but will be judge on a case by case basis from our staff.

      If your post/thread regarding your free product has been removed, you will be informed about it. You may appeal this claim by sending a private message to the administrator (Insider), as administration he has the final say in the matter regardless of context or rules. If we determine that you're not here to benefit the community but soley to benefit yourself we may choose to deny you this despite your activity record.

  • 1.3 - Reconnaissance:

    Gathering private information on our members is not allowed through any means, this means that intentionally using tracking pixels, ip-grabbers and dynamical forum signatures is strictly forbidden. Offenders will not be eligble for a warning, instead a ban will suffice. However depending on the severity of the case or the intentions, it differs. It is up to the discretion of our staff team.

  • 1.4 - Quality:

    Here at greysec we advocate for quality content and original content, quality over quantity. This means low quality content is striclty forbidden, this also includes spam or simply posts with no real content, posts with the pure intention of gaining the author a higer postcount. Such posts is not allowed. Further clarification on our quality praxis below.

  • 1.5 - Reputation:

    Reputation is a way to document the history of our members. The quality of our members will most likely be meassured through a "thank you" system, which has yet to be implemented. Abusing reputation is strictly not allowed. Do not ask for reputation, do not give reputation when asked. Hinting for reputation is forbidden. You are not allowed to copy other members rating reasons. See further below to read our praxis for reputation abuse.

  • 1.6 - Bumping:

    Bumping your thread is only allowed if you're going to update your thread with new information or ff your bump contains actual content. You may only bump your thread at least 24 hours after the last post had been made, you cannot bump two times in a row. To bump your thread again, you need to wait for a new posts, and then 24 hours to bump the thread.

  • 1.7 - Advertising:

    We have certain policies when it comes to advertising, both towards advertising us and advertising on our site. You may now advertise competing sites or similar forums, the only case this will ever be allowed is if we're in an affilliation together. By other means, a cooperating partner; such as a board confederation to adverise each other on both boards. Contact the administrator if you want to become an affiliate, we might allow some sites to be advertised on our sites with permission. Do not purchase ad-space for greysec without our permission.
    As for advertising our site, Greysec; do not spam, do not advertise in such a way that it violates the rules of this certain site. Do not advertise greysec on sites with unwanted behaviour, such as spammers, low quality, script kiddies, flamers et cetera. Such examples could be Hackforums. We are not biased against these sites, but we ask you to avoid mentioning our name on places known to attract bad user behaviour, mainly script kiddies. If you do this, we will ask you to remove your advertisement.

  • 1.8 - Posting:

    Do not spam, do not post for the mere intention of post count, do not post without content. Please remember this is a forum, not a message board and not instant messaging, so don't treat it like such; this means no chat abbverations like "yo im from hf, my m8 insider sent me h3r3. cya, im afk" or language like that; neither does the act of posting images without any grammatical content act as a post. We ask you to use understandable english on this forum, we know there might be some difficulties for some; so perfect english is not required. But please post so we can understand what you're saying, if you're incapable of going this then get out or use an online translator.

  • 1.9 - Threads:

    Please use a describtive thread title, a title on your thread which actually explains what the thread is about. So short titles such as "lol" or "wtf". You are free to tell us about your threads over private messaging or irc, but please do not spam links with your threads. We will reply eventually if interest is there, if not the consider making a more interesting thread. Do not drift away on offtopic subjects in threads, unless the thread itself is located within the offtopic section.

  • 1.9.1 - Harmful content:

    Harming our members is not allow, linking to malware and viruses with the intention of harming or infecting our members is not allowed. This is not only limited to linking but also includes sending malware or dumping/linking a member dox onsite or irc.

Section 2 - Content

  • 2.0 - Disallowed Blackhat content

    • All sorts of fraud, including carding and financial fraud such a paypal phising or individual topics against certain financial institutions; also includes theft of currencies, crypto currencies included. Greyses is not a safe haven for thieves.

    • Idenity theft, including posting or social security numbers; or the discussion of fake IDs, fake passports et cetera. Phising is only allowed as long as it doesn't involve financial theft.

  • 2.1 - Other banned content

    • Spam

    • [Hacking/Cracking/Doxing.. etc] requests, we are not your personal army. Don't ask us to do your dirty work for us. Do not hire anyone, selling and buying things is disallowed. If you can't do it yourself. It's very simple, get out or learn it yourself. We don't care if your girlfriend is cheating or if your facebook account has been hijacked by somalian pirates trying to extort your grand parents, do not ask us to do shit for you. However you may ask for advice and such, but please conduct your own research before asking a question.

    • Advertising, if you're here for the sole purpose of advertising then please move on and keep going. We don't want people go get in and out just to advertise something.
      Ddos/Dos, frankly this isn't really hacking. Talk about your booters and stressers somewhere else, do not allow topics which condones script kiddies. These topics are forbidden, unless it actually contains some actual underlying technical details. Like something with actual content which you can learn something new from.

    • Rats, Keyloggers, stealers and other tools used by script kiddies. This is not allowed, exception can be made if you're actually providing some technical context, such as a source code or a programming thread about the contruction of these tools.

    • Leaked content, you cannot post content that doesn't belong to you, unless you provide a source of give credits. If you do not know the author or the source, find out or refrain from posting it.

    • Adult content, pornography this includes to mere erotical content with no full nudity. This is not a porn site, do not post any kinds of adult material anywhere. That also includes child porn if I really have to tell you that. Exception is warrented if the context is out of ewhoring, human manipulation so to speak; however it does not apply to embeded images or child pornography. Ewhore material may be located inside archived files on external file hosts.

    • Malware is not allowed, if you have the intention of infecting members then obviously you're in the wrong place. Exception is granted for malware analysis and reverse engineering, but please include a disclaimer if your thread contains malware. You may only link to malware, such as uploaded on a filehost; thus not embedding it somehow.

    • Strong graphic content is forbidden, such as gore. This also includes links to such content.

    • Monetizing content such as url shorteners that brings revenue; like, adfocus or coinurl. Only exception is allowed if you include both original links and shortned links, or if the content you've made is your own alone and not leaked content. Taking money for others' work is low, but if you wrote it yourself then these links are fine.

    • Referal links, do not link and include refferal links in your posts or profiles unless you also include an original link for those who want to refrain from using referal links.

    • Posting private content of our members (Private messages) is forbidden, unless told to do so by staff.

  • Section 3 - Staff and administration

    • 3.0 - Complaints: Protests against staff actions is not allowed and you may recieve a warning for doing so. Please forward staff action to me (Administrator), I keep the oversight. If you have a problem with a staff members it's to me where you should turn.

    • 3.1 - Authority: Staff and administrators have full authority, our decisions are final. The rules may be interpreted differently by staff than the offender, in the end it's staff who has the final words when doing their decisions. Our staff team can take it's own decisions and does not need to follow the rules on a literal count.

    • 3.2 - Rules: Staff may ignore certain rules or refrain from enforcing certain violations if it benefits the site. For example, flaming towards a script kiddie or other unwanted users would most likely not go punished, however the thread will of course be closed. Staff has the final words, they should of course follow the rules but if they choose not to it should only be to bring benefit to our site. If otherwise, problems with staff can be reported to me.

    • 3.3 - Do not: Do not ask to become a staff members, we do not accept staff applications or beggars. Our staff member selections are made through invites, if you're high quality and contributing user then we may choose to invite you. Do not ask to become administrator, do not ask for hosting access. Do not tell us who to ban or who to warn, we make those decisions and not you.

    • 3.4 - Mini-moderation: Mini-modding is not allowed, acting as a moderator trying to enforce rules on your own is forbidden. Please report posts and violations instead. In case of report function being infunctional, consider sending a private message about it.


    • Clarfication on Reputation Abuse

      • Organised reputation giving
      • Copy other ratings (Both literaly and utilizing the same reason)
      • Asking for reputation
      • Complying with reputation giving requests
      • Doing favors in exchange for reputation
      • Trading reputation
      • Selling reputation
      • Hinting for reputation

    • Clarification on low quality posts Please note: These are just examples and low quality content (LQP) are not limited only to these specific scenarios.

      • Bypassing our character limit.
      • Posting leaked content, such as not giving credit and litterally copying something with no additional format what so ever.
      • Plagarism (See above).
      • Offtopic discussion in threads, only allowed in the offtopic section.
      • Posts with no content or context.
      • Quoting a whole thread
      • Bad grammar, we have a certain standard here. Please use english propery which we can understand, perfect english is not required. But don't treat this as an instant messaging platform by using small abbverations such as "yo guise im here t0 h4ck! brb just gonna ddos fbi!!".
      • Low Quality thread titles, such as "lol", "wtf" etc. Please use a title which properly describes your topic.
      • Intentionally derailing thread topic

    • Posting guidelines, to avoid getting into trouble. Note: There are guidelines, not rules

      • Act maturely, even if you're not. We will all benefit. It is suggested that you at least have the maturity of a 16 year old, even if you're younger try to act like one.
      • Try to not be an ass, we all know how easy it is to be one.
      • Be open-minded, arrogance and elitism is discouraged here.

    • Leaking procedures If you decide to copy someone elses work, follow the following steps. Otherwise thread will be removed. Violating this may reslit in a warning

      • You are required to include credits to the author at the top of the thread. If you're incapable of doing this, use the following template: [color=red][b]Credits:[/b][/color][AuthorHere]
      • Under the credit disclaimer, include a link to where you found this material. (Optional)
      • Please review your thread before publishing to fix broken links, format it properly for readability. Otherwise it may be removed.

    • Exception cases and the rules

      Due to high demand and much interest within the community an exception is granted to rule no 1.2 if you're trading database dumps.

    How to report staff

    There might be a scenario where staff members can be corrupt, abuse their position, be unhelpful or whatever the case is. Whether your claims are actually true or not, we accept staff complaints or simply critique on how this forum is being administrated et cetera. But not just in any fashion at all. We want the moderators to be able to continue doing their job without public resistance for every action made. That will prevent them from doing their job. This is the procedures you should follow:

    • Send your complaint/report over private message to me (Administrator).
    • I will keep all complaints as documentation, whether or not your complaints are valid or not.
    • Action might or might not be taken depending on the case.
    • (You may also PM me if you have complaints about our rules)

    Reporting Vulnerabilites

    All vulnerabilities/exploits should be reported over private message to me (Administrator), please provide proof of your claims. Such as a PoC (Proof of Concept), if you also help me fix or tell me how to patch the security hole I will make sure to reward you somehow. I've yet to introduce a bug bounty, but it's a posibility for the future.

    I--- Unfinished help documents --I

    Under Construction

    TODO List

    • Warnings/Bans
    • Privacy Policy
    • Modification on Registration Policy
    • Transparency
    • Proof Reading
    • Simple version of rules
    • Tweaks/Style for helpdocus (Easier readability)
    • How to become staff/admin page
    • Reporting posts?
    • A document on HQ posts
    • Greysec Philosopy/Manifesto (Quality over Quantity, Anticensorship, Free Speech etc)
    • Welcome Guide
    • PDF version of Help docs / Privacy Policy

    Want to help?

    1) Read this document, proof read it. 2) Give me feedback, is there anything you don't like? Why, how can I improve this?