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Bypass 'Hidden Content' & Database Resources - sock - 04-02-2018

I wrote a blog post about Database Resources the other day you can find it here:

Among the key points I mentioned some incorrectly setup forums, which don't handle syndication properly.

EDIT; So the Forum I used as an example seems to have seen this and fixed it, the example can still be used elsewhere though.

If you go-to a Forum, let's use %ForumName% as an example and goto /misc.php?action=syndication, you'll be given an option to syndicate one of the sections, as an example since this is a database resource thread, we'll use 'Databases' under 'Leaks', once you've pressed generate a url like this: https://  will be made, you can then edit &limit=50 to get the most possible posts and CTRL + F for hidden-content-body

[Image: 1d18c562406d83fe9a085c8.png]