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OSCP voucher giveaway by infosec prep - ravasquez - 07-16-2020

Hi guys,

The Infosec Prep discord server it's given away 1 voucher for OSCP, to participate you have to hack a box and submit the root flag to a bot in a channel of the server, to be clear Im not part of the staff of Infosec Prep, Im just sharing with you guys the info, I dont have complete the challenge yet, good luck and happy hacking:

This is the announcement:

Heya! Welcome to the hunt.
In order to enter the give away, you must obtain the root flag located in /root/. Once you’ve obtained the flag, message the TryHarder bot with the command !flag <insert flag>. It will then validate the flag for verification. Should it be incorrect, it will let you know. If it’s correct, you will be given a new role on the server where you can chat with others in a private channel. Once you’ve received the role you are entered into the give away!
You must be a member of the server in order to use the command above.
For those downloading this box off vulnhub at a later time, the command above will no longer be available.
Oh yea! Almost forgot the only user on this box is “oscp”.
A big thank you to Offensive Security for providing the voucher.
Happy Hunting
-FalconSpy & InfoSec Prep Discord Server )