High Performance PHP
You too can create fast-running PHP apps that support millions of users. This course, High Performance PHP, will teach you tips and tricks for speeding up your PHP application. You'll start by learning about micro-optimizations at the code-level, moving on to how many child processes you should be running on your webserver and database options. Finally, you will learn about profiling your code and load testing your application, so you can be confident that it will perform well no matter how large your application becomes. By the end of this course, you'll be able to easily create and optimize PHP apps for speed.

Choosing and Configuring a Web Server\Nginx Configuration.mp4
Choosing and Configuring a Web Server\Nginx vs Apache.mp4
Choosing and Configuring a Web Server\PHPFPM Configuration.mp4
Database Optimization\Denormalization and Constraints.mp4
Database Optimization\Introduction.mp4
Database Optimization\MySQL Server Configuration.mp4
Database Optimization\Query Optimization.mp4
Database Optimization\Relational vs Nonrelational Databases.mp4
Database Optimization\The MySQL Slow Query Log.mp4
Database Optimization\Which MySQL Fork You Should Use.mp4
Investigating Performance Tradeoffs of PHP Frameworks\Important Framework Characteristics.mp4
Investigating Performance Tradeoffs of PHP Frameworks\Introduction.mp4
Investigating Performance Tradeoffs of PHP Frameworks\Measuring Framework Overhead.mp4
Investigating Performance Tradeoffs of PHP Frameworks\Performance Benchmarks.mp4
Investigating Performance Tradeoffs of PHP Frameworks\Summary.mp4
Optimizing PHP Code\Caching with Redis.mp4
Optimizing PHP Code\Introduction.mp4
Optimizing PHP Code\PHP Microoptimizations.mp4
Optimizing PHP Code\Profiling PHP with XHProf.mp4
Optimizing PHP Code\Selecting the Right Version of PHP.mp4
Optimizing PHP Code\Summary.mp4
Optimizing PHP Code\Why Performance Matters.mp4
Performance and Load Testing\APM Overview.mp4
Performance and Load Testing\Introduction.mp4
Performance and Load Testing\Load Testing with Siege.mp4
Performance and Load Testing\Monitoring Performance with TraceView.mp4


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