Julian Assange - Transribed Speech
Julian Assange appeared via live streaming for a Q&A session at a recent conference. It was recorded, and a transcription was posted to pastebin, here: https://pastebin.com/6vBT8wAb

Assange spoke with little evidence of any prepared answers, and at least in this instance, goes off on tangents unrelated to the question. For this reason, he doesn't appear to really answer any of the questions - however, his insight is still well informed and hopefully relevant to this community.

As this was a transcription from a recording, a fair amount of creative liberty was required in order for the transcription to make any sort of sense. Where possible, the transcriber has tried to stay true to the source material and to Assange's intent.
Cool, this was a good read. He always moves the questions to 'grand' topics - was this a conference on cyber security.

Any chance of getting the original recording?
I don't know if anyone else here has read the speech in full, but I thought it was very good. Thank you for sharing this.

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