Hacking the Human: SE Basics (8 parts)
Hello there, new to forumz but have some existing stuff (though admittedly not much).

I'm typically not the sharing sort. But!

I plan on picking up writing again soon and will leave this here.

This links to summary/intro page and I'll TL: DR it here:

“Technology advances, but humans don't. We're smart monkeys and what we want is always the same: food, shelter, sex, and, in all its forms, escape.” -Altered Carbon

+ 32nd law of power (play to people's fantasy)... especially the escapism bit.

See you around
Thanks for the share mate.
I always appreciate shares such as this.

Ty =)
Bump, this guide is gold.

I'll re-post some web Archive links so the content can be viewed again.
The link no longer works. Could you please repost?

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