[Kali linux] Not working public folders
"Once this is complete you can now attach the “Guest Additions” CD-ROM image. Select “Devices” from the VirtualBox menu and then select “Install Guest Additions”. This will mount the Guest Additions ISO in the virtual CD drive in your Kali Linux virtual machine. When prompted to autorun the CD, click the Cancel button." - Done.
But next I don't understund:
"From a terminal window, copy the VboxLinuxAdditions.run file from the Guest Additions CD-ROM to a path on your local system. Ensure it is executable and run the file to begin the installation." - I need to move file somewhere "VBox_GAs_5.2.18" or what?

If I write in console "cp /media/cd-rom/VBoxLinuxAdditions.run /root/" - cp /media/cd-rom/VBoxLinuxAdditions.run /root/
cp: cannot stat '/media/cd-rom/VBoxLinuxAdditions.run': No such file or directory

P.s. There is progress! I can copy the text and transfer it other machine. Thanks you a lot for help! It remains only to drag and drop files
You're welcome. Glad to help if I can. Anyway to be perfectly clear, because you running latest version of Kali and VBox on this official link https://docs.kali.org/general-use/kali-l...-box-guest
you only need part I - Installing VirtualBox Guest Additions in Kali Linux and part III - Creating Shared Folders with the Host System. The second part "Installing VirtualBox Guest Additions in Older Kali Versions" you don't need to look, because that's for older Kali versions. That quoted text from your message is from that part. If you did the first part, that's all you need to do. Skip to the part 3 of that text. Hope this is now ok.
I create shared folder with the host system (not in VirtualBox machine) and in the Kali Linux in settings add path.
[Image: 22957784_m.png]
But I can not find this folder in the Kali Linux.
"Your shared folders will now be available in the media directory. You can create a bookmark or link for easier access to the directory."
[Image: 22958107_m.png]
[Image: 22959410_m.png]
Maybe here is problem?
[Image: 22964362_m.png]
[Image: 22964458_m.png]
I'm confused, the problem you're facing right now is that you can see the media folder in the terminal but not in nautilus?

Edit: Have you run VBoxLinuxAdditions?
I don't really know what your problem is at the moment
VirtualBox Guest Additions: Starting.
[Image: 22969558_m.png]

Now all working.
Problem is solved.
Thanks a lot for help guys!

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