Best books for web
Hey guys, sorry if this post is duplicated ... i was on a rush and i didnt had time to watch all the forum so i am asking anyways here.

Best book's for web application's exploit ? i know some but they are old, i want new ones that explain every detail on why that problem happens, how to exploit and how to solve.
How old are you talking about?
I would say most of the vulnerabilities are based in old ones.

well, i know some good ones but they are from 2010, 2011, etc ...
(08-30-2018, 07:01 PM)zebisnaga Wrote: Hey,

well, i know some good ones but they are from 2010, 2011, etc ...

I would say you would be fine to start with a 2011ish book.
Even if vulnerabilities are old themselfes, that doesn't mean it's useless. You might think knowing RFI or having some old cold fusion backdoors is useless. But you never know when you will find them, rare as it is. It's a good idea to keep your options open.

As for a book, I would recommend "Web Application Hackers Handbook". Also go to hacking challenges like hackthissite and hacking labs like damn vulnerable web app. Skill takes practise.
i know . well i can see that Web Application Hackers Handbook is more like a bible but i plan to buy ofc.
i was thinking about purchasing the OWASP Testing Guide v4 what do you guys think about that?
I just installed OWASP BWAP and it's awesome. I get all the OWASP options. I like how it's going.
I think i will buy the paperback book. for web exploitation i think is one of the bests around
I have the web app hackers handbook 2nd edition. Get 2nd edition only folks.

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