Java won't work properly
I'm trying to access Netlab which requires me to have Java. I managed to get some version of Java installed, but when I verify my version of Java I get:

We have detected you are using the 64-bit version of Firefox which will not run the Java plugin. Use the Java Control Panel to find the installed Java version.

Isn't that pathetic?

What do I do about this?
You can try with firefox ESR:

I suppose that you are not using Java flash player but npapi plugins which support was dropped in late 2015s.
It's not a firefox thing, almost all web browsers already did this move and really makes sense as the web was very slow and it had a lot of security problems.

I don't really know why you need Netlab to run but looks like a shitty website just for what I am seeing while helping you.
It works only on my Windows machine and only on IE. *sighs* I'll take it.

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