Interviews and bad feelings
Hello there,

I've been doing several interviews, and 90% of the time I feel like that the interviewer is not offering me a good position (most are PenTest and Red Teaming). Some of them are way too low with the salary, others are way too bad in handling and socializing with humans. I'm starting feeling like the industry is getting more and more rotten. I already work in this sector, but I'm losing a bit of hope in finding a better position. I am not saying that all the companies are like this, but it's getting freaking difficult to find good and healthy work environment.

I've had this thoughts running through my neural networks for a while, I would like to know what are yours.

Stay safe
To be honest, I've been trying to break into the industry for two years now and my impression is the same. I've even given up on interviews and I'm learning to start my own stuff.
(09-15-2021, 12:35 PM)Corvo Wrote: To be honest, I've been trying to break into the industry for two years now and my impression is the same. I've even given up on interviews and I'm learning to start my own stuff.

I feel you Corvo. I was quite lucky to break into cybersec. I would like to say that maybe it's just a matter of time and one day we will get the right offer for us.

Another aspect that I feel it's rotting is the certification realm, or at least the Offensive certification realm.
And this is for 3 points.

1 - The certifications greedies

I see a lot of people eating one cert after another without taking no rest between them. And honestly, I think this the wrong way..
Except for those who need the cert to get a promotion or so, I don't find useful doing two, three or even more certs in a row. While some certifications are worth the price, what really matters is not the certification itself but what you do with the knowledge that you have acquired with it. This means that after an important certification, one should be taken a rest and invest his/her time to make a project/research on these topics. In this way, he/she will not only reinforce your knowledge, but also augment it. Only then, one should consider studying for another self or even doing other projects and researches.

2 - The sheeps

Some years ago, while I was entering in the cybersec universe, I noticed that the vast majority of online courses is crap. Most of them are copy/paste from manuals without teaching you anything useful.

Then I discovered Offensive Security and the OSCP. I don't know how was the environment some years ago, but in the last years I met people who blamed Offensive Security for their poor PDF and videos. I found a common pattern in those people, most of them have already experience in the field or other certifications like eCPPT. This kind of students keeps telling that the OSCP PDF are poor by comparing it with the 10k eCPPT slides.
A part from the fact that I would hate to have to go through 10k slides, they are missing the whole OSCP's point imho. The OSCP point is to give you a mindset that it's very difficult to find in the people in this period.

The whole point is that some people are saying bullshit because they do not put the effort to understand what a certification is trying to teach them, then a lot of others blindly follow them. And, this is really dangerous.

3 - CyberSec Social "VIPs"

Another point that is pissing me off is the way some of the new LinkedIn/Udemy/[whatever] instructor/expert are feeding the ignorance in the certification industry. I won't tell the exact names of those cybersecurity professionals, but it's enough to take a look at the scene on the social media from a broader point of view to spot them.

So, given this points and the job offering scene, I am getting very frustrated. lol
You could always start your own enterprise. Or you could join the dark side. If the Force is strong with you a powerful Sith you will become.

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