The Noob Bot Source Code (Private WoW Bot)
Do you know anything about WIPO ?

The WIPO Copyright Treaty is implemented in United States law by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). By Decision 2000/278/EC of 16 March 2000, the Council of the European Union approved the treaty on behalf of the European Community. European Union Directives which largely cover the subject matter of the treaty are: Directive 91/250/EC creating copyright protection for software, Directive 96/9/EC on copyright protection for databases and Directive 2001/29/EC prohibiting devices for circumventing "technical protection measures" such as digital rights management.

It's not just "DMCA" for US Soil.

Here the list of all countries who've signed one of the anti-copyright treaty:

As a website providing link, you're also in the illegality, wether or not a member of your website posted it, your message simply validate the fact that you don't care about breaking internationals laws.

Where the file is hosted does not matter as long as you provide a means of distribution though your website linking to it.

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