-=[*FREE* Signatures - for GS Members + More...]=-
Theme Basis? - (Ex. Cryptography, Security, PHP, Matric, etc.): Dark, Mr popo eyes
Text within the Signature? - (Specific Fonts?): I'm Mr Popo
Background Design? - (Stock, Original, etc.): Mr popo face
Color Scheme? - (Ex. Red+White Text, Black BG): Dark background, evilish, white text
Signature References? - (Pre-Made Signature, looks like how you want yours): Up to you.
Extra Detail? - (Anything you'd like to add?): Mr popo is a DBZ reference if you didnt know that, just for when your making it.

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RE: -=[*FREE* Signatures - for GS Members + More...]=- - by Mr Popo - 06-24-2015, 07:13 AM

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