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Welcome, GreySec Members!

Today, I have for you a simple program I developed to get back into VB.Net/Visual Basic, and that I just made to mess with some people! Tongue

Anyways, here is my EMail Mass Message Spammer Program!
It's extremely simple, and is ran extremely easily (of course requiring .NET to run).

Image Here!:

[Image: d1d119d803b1d0ef3afff4727ee6fe7a.png]

- You type in your Victim's EMail, Subject, Message, etc.
- Your EMail and Pass so it may be sent...(I'll be linking an anonymous EMail you can use later, over your own EMail)
- And finally, the SMTP Server you'll be using!

I'll continually update this software, and add graphical appearance, a better UX and UI, and take in suggestions!

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please leave it below; tell me what you think as well!

Download/VirusTotal Scan:

Virus Total Scan

There is a 2/55 Ratio for viruses, "Avira" and "Panda" apparently found a Virus, but nothing else did, as usual for most scans on homemade programs! Tongue

Thanks for downloading, or checking it out!


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