What should I be learning?
(05-10-2018, 12:34 PM)lunorian Wrote: I'm currently in the process of learning C and I see (no pun intended  Tongue ) that there is C and C++. The primary project I want to contribute to is the Tor Project which is mostly in C, should I continue with that or move onto C++, something else?

So my two cents on this - programming languages are not all that different. For example, I spent 3 years working with PHP, but once I had achieved Intermediate+ level, it took basically days to get to an equivalent level in Python, Ruby, etc, because they are all high level languages.

Now C and C++ are low level languages, so it is a bit of a different ball game, but these two are very similar. My general rule would be "only learn C if you have to, otherwise C++". C++ is a much more advanced and more capable language (in my opinion), although C does still have its place. 

Either way, once you start to think like a programmer and understand what low level languages mean, then switching between C and C++ will be no hassle at all. They're just tools, and you'll be able to pick and choose depending on the functional requirements  (though you probably will still have a preference).

Basically I don't think it matters because learning a programming language isn't actually about learning a programming language, it's about how to think like a developer and learning how to use structured data to solve problems.

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