Would you describe yourself as a law abiding or ethical hacker and if so how much?
Hello everyone,

I myself want to be an ethical hacker, although I'm sure we all have weird fantasies and a cantenna would be cool to build and I think if your at a school that tracks you I think we all know how that could potentially be misused. Even on clearnet hacker forums, I know for a fact certain people will admit to being a "black hat," "grey hat," or "white hat" hacker. Obviously, some script kiddy anon kid would not care about those labels. I am not yet a hacker, but since most of you hackers and non-hackers don't like the labels mentioned above, looking at individuality, how law-abiding and ethical would you say you are on a scale of 0 to 20, just so I can get a good measurement?

I also know for a fact that the vast majority (maybe not all) of the people who admit to this are telling the truth.

Obviously, no one is asking you to admit to specific crimes and I know you are not all bad people or even bad hackers just because legal does not equal ethical, but it would be nice to have a measurement of both in your view.


legal = 0 to 20; same for ethical. thanks

Peace everyone.

Thanks for the info.



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Would you describe yourself as a law abiding or ethical hacker and if so how much? - by QMark - 05-11-2018, 11:44 PM

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