Would you describe yourself as a law abiding or ethical hacker and if so how much?
(05-12-2018, 12:02 PM)Cypher Wrote: If you work for the NSA, and you want to blow the whistle on an unethical operation, is it ethical to blow the whistle, even if it is illegal? Ask Snowden; I'd say that we can also call him a "grey hat" under these definitions.

Yes, I'd argue that all white hats are grey hats, if we say that one is only truly a white hat if they follow a code of ethics 100%, which in this case would come down from an industry body, such as (ISC)^2.

Any white hat could be faced with a scenario where they have to compromise ethics to do the "right" (by virtue) thing, even under an extreme scenario - say if they were being blackmailed and owed lots of money to people who were going to harm his family, so for his next Red Team job he decided to actually steal a bunch of PII and company details to sell on the dark web to pay off his blackmailers. He's done something highly illegal, absolutely unethical according to the industry standards in the extreme... And yet, he may think he did the right thing?

(05-12-2018, 12:02 PM)Cypher Wrote: I'll leave off with a question for you: what revolution or uprising in history was legal? If they were illegal, were they ethical?

Viva la resistance!

A good example here is the Bolshevik Revolution. Yes, they successfully took over the Government relatively peacefully - they took the Tsar and his family and hid them in a shack, meanwhile assumed power. Then they had a decision to make: what to do with the family long-term?

To let them live would leave open the possability of escape, where they could easily rally forces to try take back the country, inevitably leading to armed conflict and loss of human life - how is that a good thing?

To keep his family, including his young son and wife, under guard their entire life would be unfair. Surely better to die than live like that? And surely there would be attempts to rescue them - it would be a massive mission simply to keep their location secret. Again, if they escape, it will almost certainly lead to more loss of life.

So they decided to murder them all.

Legally murder. Ethically suspect? They did what they thought was right. Others thought they were wrong.

There is no objective framework for measuring ethics, just like there are no universal standards for making people accountable to the law, they differ by place, culture, time, etc.

The first step in being truly awake in this world is to realise that laws and ethics do not exist anywhere except inside yourself. It turns out that you can do whatever you want in this life without any consequences, but other people may think you did something wrong. If those people are your family or friends, do you really want to live your life without their love?

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