International Journal of Proof-of-Concept or Get The Fuck Out (PoC||GTFO or PoC or GTFO)

Quote:The International Journal of Proof-of-Concept or Get The Fuck Out is a celebrated magazine of reverse engineering, retro-computing, and systems internals

PoC||GTFO follows in the tradition of Phrack and Uninformed by publishing on the subjects of offensive security research, reverse engineering, and file format internals. Until now, the journal has only been available online or printed and distributed for free at hacker conferences worldwide.

Consistent with the journal's quirky, biblical style, this book comes with all the trimmings: a leatherette cover, ribbon bookmark, bible paper, and gilt-edged pages. The book features more than 80 technical essays from numerous famous hackers, authors of classics like "Reliable Code Execution on a Tamagotchi," "ELFs are Dorky, Elves are Cool," "Burning a Phone," "Forget Not the Humble Timing Attack," and "A Sermon on Hacker Privilege." Twenty-four full-color pages by Ange Albertini illustrate many of the clever tricks described in the text.

Download volumes (pdf) of this magazine here:

Book: http://docs.alexomar.com/biblioteca/pocorgtfobible.pdf

Support the author if you want to get the full books, including vol 2:


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