Re-posted and Updated [Complete MySQL Injection]
#0x05.c ~ Addressing Vulnerable Part

Now, we need to use union statement & find the column which we can replace so as to see the secret data on the page.

First lets craft the union statement which won't error.. This becomes like this:
PHP Code:
This would error because our query needs to have one more null there.. Also null doesnot cause any type conversion error as it is just null..

So for our injection, it becomes:
PHP Code:

For this we do:
PHP Code:
Now we will see the number(s) on the page somewhere. I mean, either 1 or 2 or both 1 & 2 are seen on the page. Note that the number may be displayed anywhere like in the title of the page or sometime even in the hidden tags in the source.. So, this means we can replace the number with our commands to display the private data the DB holds.

In my example, 1 is seen on the page. This means, I should replace 1 with my thingsto proceed further. Got it? So lets move forward.

Quote:i dont know much about sql so me got confused. so please, can you explain this part?

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