[2020-03-25] Fixed things - Minor overhaul of theme.
[2020-03-25] Fixed things - Minor overhaul of theme.

Fixed a few broken things in the theme and added new features too. Although I plan to make a whole new theme responsive theme for GreySec in the future.


- Avatars: Uploading avatars should now works, for everyone too. Including users with zero posts. The upload function was broken for a while, and avatars were giving broken images.

- Fonts: Fixed broken fonts which have been broken forever (Used to only work on chrome, should work on all browsers now).

Added New banner!

(Well it's old but still new. The most recent one we had before downtime)

[Image: bannerNew.png]

Added prostats - Post feed

[Image: nzdlfJ4.png]

See bottom footer.

Added quicklinks for Greysec Ebooks, Onion-mirror and Discord:

- https://greysec.net/onion
- https://greysec.net/ebooks
- https://greysec.net/discord

Added quick-links buttons and usergroup legend:

[Image: GnC1Tkw.png]

See bottom footer. If you're wondering about the button icon most to the right, it doesn't lead anywhere right now. But I plan to add an IRC channel very soon. And connect it with a bridge to our discord. Under construction!

Added "Who's online" in the last 24h/today

See footer/bottom.

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