I made a decision regarding my IT studies
So the people at my school, including the cybersecurity club’s advisor, tell me that I am too scattered with learning. They said that when I know networking, Linux, and Windows, then I can start learning penetration testing. People here say I am too scattered but that I should focus on programming.

I decided I am forst gonna take my school’s advice then take the advice (when it comes to this question) I get from other people.

In other words I think I am gonna learn networking first, get good at it, then add in Linux and get good at that, then do the same thing with Windows and so on and then when I have all of that completed then learn either programming skills then hacking. But if the people at my school say I am ready to start I will start.

So from now on I am gonna focus on computer networking other than I will still focus on web development for my class, but I have spent a lot of time hopping from thing to thing.

This summer I am gonna just dedicate to computer networking. When I get past basic networking skills I will go to the next thing. This way I will probably be ready to start pentesting sooner than if I jump into web dev and programming immediately

Four years ago I was continually redoing CCENT courses and went from there to Linux to web dev without getting good at any of the three.

So I am gonna do what my school said to do first, then I will learn web development in depth if my school recommends it which they approve of because when I asked they said Insider’s advice was a “good idea” and it sounds like good advice to me but whenever my school says I am ready to start penetration testing is when I will consider whether to do what they say or to learn more programming. I will learn the programming either way regardless because I need it to actually be good. But I will worry about that question when I know all three basic IT skills.

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