I made a decision regarding my IT studies
(04-15-2020, 08:16 AM)Vector Wrote: No matter what you are studying getting the basics and fundamentals down first is a good idea. Getting good at Windows, Linux and Networking are pretty fundamental to getting into computer science in a general sense.

I am glad you have settled on what you will be focusing on, to use an analogy a strong house is built on a strong foundation. And i'm sure you'll do great in preparing that foundation for yourself and your future studies.

I also know that networking is fundamental to all of IT.

I’m gonna make a thread asking if anyone has the most up to date Packet Tracer in a torrent or some sort of special code to get it.

Since my web development class is required for my major, for the time being I will still ask questions about it.

I am gonna get to doing networking soon though. Just have to finish this class and then my other class and then start networking over the summer.

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