Shorter Term Goal: Earning a CCNA by the end of the summer
So once I take my CompTIA A+ test on May 20th, I will have three months exactly to complete my CCNA. I have been given access to a CCNA course online via the cybersecurity club at my school. It is actually three courses and I have to complete all three to know enough to take the CCNA exam.

Is it possible to complete CCNA in three months if I work EXTREMELY hard?

Thanks for getting back to me by the way.

This is my new short term goal because someone said the goals I'm setting are too long term. Here's an example of a long term goal thread that someone told me wasn't perfect:

Someone said I shouldn't set such long term goals for myself at a time so I am setting shorter term goals.

I need the CISCO training in order to play around with networks in the lab at my school. From there I will get further computer networking practice, but I honestly need to make sure I know foundational networking skills by the end of the summer.

I'm going to spend all of the time I don't spend on social skills and independent living skills training and exercise on this for the entire summer. Several hours per day.

Is this doable in three months exactly to earn a CCNA if I work really hard and I am a quick learner?

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