Shorter Term Goal: Earning a CCNA by the end of the summer
I love the fact you are so motivated and passionate about the field. Those two things are very important for your continual success down the road.

I am sure you can pass CCNA in the time you have allotted yourself. I get the sense from you that you're always hitting the ground running and then spin off in multiple directions at once. Like Insider said though, focus on your task at hand, which is studying CCNA for now. After that is done, move on to the next project.

My suggestion to you in a general sense, is divide your time up into blocks. A block is meant for one project, while you work on that one project, you focus on that and that alone. Next block, next project.

The point is to get the structure in place that will allow you to focus and move forward with your studies in a procedural manner. Step by step you will become better, and step by step you will be able to take on more complex topics and problems. I have no doubt that if you keep that structure and passion for learning together you will be an amazing security practitioner in the not too distant future.

One more thing, don't be scared of failure, if for whatever reason you don't manage to complete an objective or made mistakes on anything you're trying to do. Whether it's certs or a coding project or whatever. It is ok to not succeed immediately, the key is to keep your motivation and try again. We all learn from our failures and mistakes, i am no exception, and neither is Insider, or anyone for that matter. Trying until you achieve what you are aiming for is the key to success. That goes for learning and personal growth as well.

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