Badly need seniors suggestion and help
(05-10-2020, 01:27 PM)baldhead Wrote: Hello Everyone,
I'm totally noob on hacking, pogramming, networking,
I'm a graphic designer though. I have solid experience on photoshop but I want be an IT Expert. I want to be the best on decrypting or hacking anything.
I am researching and I can give as much as time needed on this fields.
I have huge interest.
But the problem is I dont know where to began. What should i start first.
i need help , I need suggestion
Please help me.
I feel like hoping around a puzzle, everytime i surface on DN. Cause i find so many useful topics but dont unterstand anything.

No worries that's totally normal, what are you most interested?
Hacking and IT are very broad topics so maybe if you can give more details I can point you better to resources or paths.
For decrypting you first need to know how encryption works. In my opinion, to start you can focus on:

- Symmetric-key algorithms -> e.g. AES
- Asymmetric algorithms -> RSA
- Pros and Cons of each one, and why Hybrid encryption is used in the wild
- See one example -> OpenPGP

If you are into coding you can use the python library pycryptodome which has great documentation and can help you create real life scenarios easily.

It's normal that a lot of things sound strange at first, just keep learning and discovering what you enjoy the most.
Good luck

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