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Vigilante Hacking - Heroes or Menaces
The first and most obvious issue when discussing something like this is using completely subjective terms such as "moral". While I realize there are certain things we can mostly agree are generally "moral" there will never be a consensus on what is and is not okay in terms of taking the law into your own hands. I agree that certain things such as whistle-blowing are necessary to shine a light on all sorts of problems the public normally wouldn't be aware of, however I believe that if the "morality" and "legality" of things like this were crossed we would most certainly have a issue! In the end, while I think discussions like this are useful, the act of tagging vigilantism as heroic or menacing is ultimately pointless. It's completely a matter of perspective.

This may not be entirely on topic but I was wondering what everyone's opinion of BrickerBot is. Though it certainly took a sledgehammer approach by going so far as to completely brick devices infected by Mirai, it is an interesting example of "Vigilante Hacking" as referenced by the post's author.

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