GreySec Scraper Tool Release
Hello internet users. This is a public service announcement. The greysec scraper previously mentioned in this subforum is functional and it has gathered some data on around 2,000 of the 8,000ish greysec users. You can get the tool and see some of the data collected in its' github repo: Keep in mind though, this thing is in its' infancy. It will have bugs and I could use some help with it. I'll put a todo at the bottom of this thread. Send those pull requests. It's pretty simple to use. Just run it on any system with python3 installed like so (edit: also need to put your cookie into the code):


It'll collect the username, UID, post count, and thread count of every user on GreySec. As I write this the scraper is collecting the data for all 8,000ish users. It'll probaby take between 1-3 hours to run. Feel free to play around with the code or data, it's open source software after all.

## EDIT ######
Tool updated on June 6, 2020
If you have any questions let me know below.


- Make it threaded so it runs faster.

- Better logging

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