Poll: Should Hacking Tools Be Released As Open Source Software?
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Is releasing hacking tools a bad idea?
This question has been asked on twitter quite a bit. Should you release hacking tools to the public as open source projects? On one side people say that you're arming cybercriminals, APTs, and script kiddies with effective weapons. Why would you release offensive tools knowing you'll be fighting against them in just a short time? I haven't heard much for the other side. A lot of big names in infosec support the "don't release tools" side. I've already made up my mind on the issue (and some of you could probably guess my position) but I am open to having my mind changed. I want to hear what you guys think. Vote on the poll and reply to the thread.

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Is releasing hacking tools a bad idea? - by DeepLogic - 06-16-2020, 02:32 PM

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