Need help with forensic analysis.
There are some strange and painful things happening in my life, and I don't exactly know how they are being done, so I'm trying to eliminate all the possibilities and I'll be left with the real cause. This process of elimination requires me to know if there is any malware on my system.

I use a popular distribution of Linux, this is a dual boot machine, I haven't downloaded any suspicious software from sites on this Linux system, most of the software I have installed on this Linux came with the distro or were installed from the official repositories.

I want to be able to dump all the contents of the memory, CPU cache onto a disk or thumb drive, which I can use on another system to perform forensic analysis. How can I do this and what software would I require to accomplish this?

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Need help with forensic analysis. - by unbuildpain - 06-24-2020, 09:32 AM

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