Is it possible to hack a device remotely?
Quote:Thank you for the advice! but could you skip the rudeness for me. I don't want anything from you then, you're not really helping the me, the victim, by calling me an idiot. I have all the reasons to be paranoid, because these motherfuckers hacked into my camera and pretty much have recordings of me.

Some victims like to be the victim. I don't feel sorry for you for a second. I've told you what to do. The fact that you'd prefer to ignore it and continue to play the victim tells me everything I need to know. 

Quote:I'm not THAT stupid to antagonize the hackers because even when I don't say something and stay on the low, they also try to provoke me.

Who cares if they try to provoke you? Ignore them. The more you respond to them, the more information and the larger attack surface you give them. Also, I call bullshit:

Quote:and tried to get a reaction from them..

And finally:

Quote:Okay chill out if you can't help me with the penetration testing.

Can't? More like won't. But I don't think you're even using that term correctly. Hiring someone to illegally hack something for you, isn't penetration testing. And if you mean you want to hire someone to try hacking your shit for some reason, well then, you're still an idiot for coming to a hacking forum like this hiring strangers to hack your shit. This is just asking to get your shit fucked even more than it is.

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