How to hack into someones phone remotely
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But to the topic: I think you should let go of the idea of magical instagram hacks... facebook hacks or whatever. There's no such thing. Instagram, facebook, snapchat or whatever else is just a web application. What most people do when they get into these accounts is to exploit the users themselfs and not actually hack the platform. For example social engineering, bruteforce/cracking, keyloggers etc. Rarely do I hear of anyone actually hacking into instagram or such. It would probably be more profitable to report such security-holes due to the bugbounties they keep around.

Now if you want to hack into someone's phone. Just remember that a phone is just a small computer like most other devices. Connected to the internet. IOS, Android or whatever. If you can trick a person to download/install a malicious application you could take control of the device.

Take Androrat for instance, a remote control malware for android. You could also look for exploits for the OS if the victim is running an old unpatched version. I hear these kinds of exploits are commonly hoarded by intelligence agencies such as NSA.

Example of IOS Exploit:

But hacking phones is not just limited to exploiting its software, stack or infecting the machine with malware. You could also try to PWN the machine in other ways. For example:
- Building your own ISMI-Catcher (In other words, you own fake GSM tower). Be in close proximity of the victim and wiretap the phone. Etc. There's many possibilities.
- Get access to the SS7-network (Old Protocol-suite in telecom, made in the 70s. No security). If you have access to the SS7-network you could use tools like SigSploit to wire-tap, listen to phonecalls, send texts and much more. It's pretty complex to understand but you would probably have to hack a telecom-provider/VOIP-provider or buy access from darknet (Beware of scams though) to do this. I'm going to make a full thread about it eventually.

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