How to remove THC-Hydra password limit?
(04-24-2021, 08:22 PM)PurpleSystem Wrote:
(04-24-2021, 06:01 PM)enmafia2 Wrote: Can't you split the wordlist in parts? 50M is very excessive. It will take you an eternity to do that.
And in another note, what are you trying to crack? Sending that many petitions will get you totally blocked.

Sorry for miss understanding.
Yes, I am want to crack real service, but with white-hat hacking purposes. My target is a potential database of 2000~4000 peoples with their names, surnames and numbers and maybe even more data (including mine). This data storing under weak passwords and public phone numbers as username.
I said them about potential risks, but nobody believed me. So, I want to proof them that even noob "hacker" like me can crack it.

There is one note: When we only start implement this service I and some other peoples doesn't gave them agreement to use confidential information, therefore they break the laws of my country.

EDIT: I have an access to computer with password and username autofill in Chrome.

Just my two cents: I would just stick to most famous passwords. I am very confident that in a database of 2k-4k people there will be users with very simple passwords. Get some of them and get in the system, then try to leverage from that.

Plus if you make passwords with their info, you mentioned there are names, surnames and numbers. It is very common to see people with passwords being: Susan86. 86 as their date of birth or any important date for them. Make custom dictionaries from that data, there are tools for that out there.

Good luck with it.

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