I'm starting to find CTFs very repetitive. Anyone feeling the same?
I've mainly dealt with tryhackme, picoCTF and hackthebox CTFs.

And they usually follow the following format:

1. Scan the box with nmap on all ports
2. Find OS and services running on those ports
3. If there is a webapp, most of the time, the solution lays on playing around with the local storage for a while (if you haven't found anything else with OWASP first of course)
4. If there isn't a webapp, there will be old services (outdated SMBs etc..) which you'll have to look into all of them in google to find an exploit. If you do, hooray, you've got a basic shell. If you don't, it's probably going to be password bruteforcing with the rockyou.txt passwordlist.
5. Once you have a basic shell, make it a stable shell with whatever method you find preferable.
6. Privilege escalation. Most commonly done with sudo -l and finding a suitable exploit with whatever permissions have been misset. If not, use LinPEAS and if still nothing, dig around for some info such as a private ssh key or a super coincidentally convenient .txt file containing the password for root.
7. Get the flag.

I'm pretty new to CTFs, only been doing them a year or so, but I find them awfully repetitive and most of the time boring. Idk if it's the sites I've been using but Im kinda burnt out. I really used to like them because I was learning new stuff but now it seems like a constant grind of google searches.

Please if you do have any suggestions leave them below. I don't want to abandon the beautiful world that I thought CTFs were.

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I'm starting to find CTFs very repetitive. Anyone feeling the same? - by GreenHorse - 07-14-2021, 05:00 PM

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