I'm starting to find CTFs very repetitive. Anyone feeling the same?
Unfortunately, today it is difficult to find some interesting challenges.
You should try the hard boxes on THM, they should be more interesting. Sincerely, I don't like HTB, the new boxes are way too much CTF-ish imho.
At the moment, I'm focusing my free time on the Pentestit's lab "Who is the novichok?", I am finding it slightly different from the average "CTF" platform.

I found some interesting challenges in the Offensive Security Proving Grounds Practice on the boxes that are rated hard/very hard by OffSec or by the community. You just need to view them by the righ pov Wink

Please, let us know if you find something interesting, maybe by submitting it in the "Wargames/CTF thread" that Insider linked before.

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RE: I'm starting to find CTFs very repetitive. Anyone feeling the same? - by parzival - 09-15-2021, 07:31 AM

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