How To Create A Handheld Linux Terminal (Portable Raspberry Pi)

Today I came across a video of a man showing off his handheld computer and it intrigued me. I thought that it would be worth the share. I want to try creating it myself, but I'm not really the best with hardware so I am a bit nervous that I'd break little things, especially if I have to desolder something.
Really sick tutorial, thanks for sharing!
I'm going to make this for sure very soon, although I'm also not really the best with hardware etc, but since it's not really that expensive it's worth the try I guess.

I wonder if it would be possible to fit this all in an old Nintendo DS:
[Image: nintendo_ds.jpg]

You'd have the touchscreen/LCD already and only would need to remove the lower screen and replace it with the keyboard.
Any opinions on this?

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