pwnedlist pwned
Whats up everyone, dfresh here...

since this forum has been used recently to share data breaches and all, figured i'd share this story from wish i could get my hands on that data though!

as was pointed out to me by my friend illmanors, if you now visit they have a shutdown notice:

Website Shutdown Notice

Thank you for being a subscriber and letting us help alert you of any risks related to your personal credentials. PwnedList launched in 2012 and quickly become the leader in open-source compromised data aggregation. In 2013 PwnedList was acquired by InfoArmor, Inc. a provider of enterprise based services. As part of the transition, the PwnedList Website has been scheduled for decommission on May 16, 2016. If you are interested in obtaining our commercial identity protection, please go to for more information.
It has been our pleasure to help you reduce your risk from compromised credentials.

Smile very nice article

i wonder when we see the full pwndlist dump around Big Grin

maybe it's to reconsider to publicly offer access to dumped data Smile
what better target then the guys who collected it for you.
Haha that's quite the bug, reckless developers leaving that. Interesting article overall so thanks for share! Would be kind of funny if somehow you managed to get into HaveIBeenPwnd too.