SWIFT router system hacked , 81 million $ wired out of bank
Very interesting article.

another example of lousy security.


....operated by 3000 financial organisations......
Nice article.

In my opinion, way too many companies are too naive to review all sectors of their security for potential bugs/flaws etc.
Haha the bangladesh hackers! Weren't that the same hacker who had the biggest fail ever, loosing potentially access to billions of dollars during a wire transfer to due their terrible english. I don't know the exact details, but it'd must have been terrible for them loosing so much money over a mistake like that lol.. But yeah they still got away with 81 million! Which is not too bad.

Financial security at banks and other institutions are just too overrated or overestimated in my opinion. They're just like any other company with potentially lousy developers and systemadmins. See this for example https://greysec.net/showthread.php?tid=813

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