GS Community MyBB Theme
This is a project I've done on other forums, and it's been quite popular. For those that don't know, I work with MyBB themes. I create, customize existing, make concepts of themes, etc.

So what is this project? Basically, I take a community's suggestions and put them in a theme. Not all suggestions are accepted, but they are definitely considered. I start from scratch, work on the index, header to footer, then work on other pages.

So what do you need to suggest? Nothing. All you have to do is post your suggestion. Everyone gets fair consideration for their suggestions as well, nothing is weighted.

What's the catch? Absolutely nothing. I do this for communities that I like, and it's fun for me, keeps me from being bored. To add to that, they're completely free. You can use them on forums you have, or give them to friends, etc. You also get your name in the credits stylesheet when the product is finished (before someone asks, the credits stylesheet isn't literally a stylesheet dedicated to credits. I generally put highlight colors and CSS3 in the "credits" sheet).

Accepted Suggestions:
- Currently None -

Theme status: Not started

My personal ideas:
- None -

Feel free to private message me if you don't want your name in the credits, and don't want one of your suggestions to show your name. As everything is credited here where it is due, you can use anonymity. Also, please note, I won't use real names. If you don't explicitly say you want to be anonymous, I'll just backlink to your GS profile (also, make sure that if you plan on being anonymous, you don't post here. GreySec is public, and you can easily find who posted what suggestion where by a single google query).

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