The Omega Organisation is looking for members
The Omega Organisation
The Omega Organisation is looking for members for online activities.
What is The Omega Organisation?
We are a Mafia group focused on electronic crime, but activities for the group can involve other assignments.
HSH - Hack Steal Harass
Hacker Mafia, sounds fun. Why are you recruiting here? Also what roles are you looking to fill?
Seems like you go around to a lot of Forums posting your recruitment message.. How come you don't include your private key in all of them?

But there is some interesting information leakage here, like have used Netherland IPs and your current IP is in Sweden. You also write Organizations with an S. Also you're a TOR user... Anything else you would like to share before your "crime syndicate" takes off?
Electronic crime mafia huh? Not that I mind those, but HSF?? Really you harass people too? That's a pretty low.
Is this what happens when you watch Mr. Robot?

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