Introducting... GS Devs! Our first non-moderator usergroup.
Introducting... GS Devs! Our first non-moderator usergroup.
GS Devs a.k.a GreySec Developers is a new group at greysec, one whom is open for all developers on GreySec. Here we will work together on developing your ideas and projects into reality under the banner of GreySec. All thanks to Vector who first suggested this idea, I hereby introduce our first usergroup whom isn't administrator or moderator.

There will be a public section for GS Devs where you can all talk and discuss pertaining the GS Devs, everything from leaving your own ideas to helping us with our own tools and projects. In addition to that they also have their own private section for more internal discussion.

Userbar: [img align=center][/img]
Usercolor: #506ddb

Public section:

Members and roles:
  1. Owner: Insider
  2. Leader: NO-OP
  3. Co-Leader: Vector
Recruitment threads and such will be introduced shortly for those who desire to join.

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