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(11-08-2016, 07:53 AM)NO-OP Wrote: I like the idea of encouraging learning, but as several other users pointed out a group or sub forum defeats the purpose of the whole forum and can send a bad message.  I do have a middle ground idea though.

Two threads, one is the questions that don't deserve a thread(stickied) as insider said and the other is a Greysec ultimate resources thread that is an organized place for people of any skill level.  This would keep HQ threads alive and also reduce the amount of stickied threads we would need.

Also Anthrax don't let dirty pale get to, as you know trolling is what he gets off to.

And to Muddybucket, you're a cunt and I love you.

I think having a "questions that don't deserve a thread", thread would be a good idea. This could be good place to ask a quick question for a quick answer. Of course i would encourage anyone to do a little preliminary research on their own, but an example of the utility of such a thread would be to have it function as a place to post questions that might seem complex for a beginner but would be relatively easy and quick to answer for a somewhat more experienced user.

A complimentary "ultimate resource" thread would add useful reference materials.

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