Using dorks to gather info on target site
Information Gathering with Google Dorks

Searching for public Sub-domains for your target domain.

Getting Open Index or Insecure Information
intitle:”index of /” Parent Directory
You can search for admin directories
intitle:”Index of /admin”
You can search for password directories
intitle:”Index of /password”
You can search for mail directories
intitle:”Index of /mail”
You can search for files like passwd
intitle:”Index of /” passwd
You can search for password.txt files
intitle:”Index of /” password.txt
You can search for htaccess file
intitle:”Index of /” .htaccess
You can also search for diffrent extensions.
intitle:”index of ftp” .mdb
You can also try and look for admin pages or the login functionalities
Intitle: “login” “admin”

Using InURL we can search for diffrent functionalities within the website.
Search for Admin Login Functionality on target domain
Search for Login Functionality on target domain

Using FileType we can search for diffrent files within the website.
Searching for text files containing passwd in URL on target domain
inurl:passwd filetype:txt
Searching for db files containing admin in URL on target domain
inurl:admin filetype:db
Searching for logs on target domain
Searching for Excel and csv files on target domain
filetype:xls csv

Search for other sites containing links for your target website

You can also use Google Translater as a proxy to access the website
Nice, i think these would fit under my thread at as well.
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Some more dorks:

Information Leaks

ext:pdf intitle:"c users"
ext:pdf intitle:"c documents and settings"
ext:pdf intitle:"file home"


intext:Fatal error inurl:wp-content/plugins/
intext:"Fatal error" (inurl:/wp-content/themes OR inurl:/wp-content/plugins)

Weak authentication

"your password is the same as" username
Your initial password is

Use translations and search engines like baidu or yandex for more results.
Have a look at Google Hacking Database too, it gets updated constantly.
Thanks for sharing was looking for these goodies.

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