IT/Other Documentary Thread
IT/Other Documentary Thread
Let's share some good documentaries on hacking and IT around here, good entertainment and information if you're bored. For starters here's some goodies I know of Smile

BBS The documentary

8-Part series, playlist:

Freedom Downtime

TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard

I will share some more interesting stuff later.
OPSEC: Because jail is for wuftpd -
Glenn Greenwald: Why privacy matters -
OPSEC Failures of Spies -
Private Snafu: Spies -
Terms and Conditions May Apply -
State of Surveillance -
Do Not Track -
I Spy Doc -
We are legion

Book: MOD - Masters of Deception
Incredibly great book in my opinion based on the real hacking group MOD from the days of BBS in early 80s and such. Really gives you a great in-depth look at how stuff were done in the old days.

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