How to exploit vulneabilities?
I am a newbie to hacking world. I installed kali linux. Started to experiment with wpscan. I found 2 vulnerabilities. Now I dont know how to proceed ahead. List of vulnerabilities:
1)  Tweet Old Post <= 3.2.5 - SQL Injection
2) Revive Old Post <= 6.9.0 - Privilege Escalation

help ME!

My target is my own site. Just trying to learn pentesting.
You could start by using a search engine and look for exploits (you shouldn't rely on other people to spoon-feed you this stuff, it literally took me 5 seconds to find them).

I'd recommend you study these vulns and how the exploits work. Later, you could try developing your own exploits, for other known vulnerabilities, it's always a useful skill to have. But right now, you should stick to the basics, this forum has all the resources you need to start learning pentesting, like this post for example.

Anyway, welcome here and happy learning. ;)
Programming and development means programming. You are posting in the wrong forum. See this forum for general hacking questions ->

Also, do some searching for God's sake. We have an excellent beginners guide right here on the forum.

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