Practical ways to learn C?
Hey, apart from reading books and watching tutorials on how to learn C what are some practical ways to learn it?.
I've been looking for a project but i get recommendations like making "tic-tac-toe" games but i want to focus on something that actually benefits me. I've been looking at LKM rootkits and old kernels but i feel like it's abit above my head at the moment so i'm not sure what to focus on. Any ideas?,
thanks. Smile
If you have any tasks you do on your server or computer, you can try automate it through programming. In that sense it will also be useful for you and save you time. Also there's a bunch of interesting programming challenges you can try such as project euler. I have a thread about it here:

If you want to get more on the security side, maybe check out binary exploitation, buffer overflows, reverse engineering and other stuff? If I recall correctly it usually involves a fair amount of C and assembly.
More networking oriented, but work your way through this:

It might go a bit fast depending on your level, but all the examples are short and concise so you can go through line by line and not become hopelessly lost.